“Infinity” Ring – adding stones

Adding stones in the "Infinity" ring created previously.

General Details

Example of a type of setting starting from the “infinite” ring.

  • Type: Fantasy ring
  • Difficulty: Simple
  • Variants: Yes
  • Time: variable depending on the number of stones to be inserted (about 15 min in this example)
Technical Informations

Di seguito vengono elencati gli strumenti utilizzati per creare questo anello:

1Modify SweepComplexEasyJewels3DEasy
3Object IntersectionRhinoCeros3DEasy
4Insert Round StonesEasyJewels3DEasy
5Osnap PointRhinoCeros3DEasy
7Rotate 2DRhinoCeros3DEasy
8Insert ProngsEasyJewels3DEasy

Orientation on surface, polysurface or mesh becomes child’s play.

Video Tutorial