“Infinity” Ring – modifications

Changes to the "Infinity" ring created previously

General Details

Perfect example of modeling to begin to understand the potential of the extensive use of the EasyJewels3D construction history.

Manipulation of the “infinite” ring.

  • Type: Fantasy ring
  • Difficulty: Simple
  • Variations: Yes
  • Time: depends on the number of variations
Techinal Informations

Di seguito vengono elencati gli strumenti utilizzati per creare questo anello:

1Polar ArrayRhinoCeros3DEasy
2Lock ObjectsRhinoCeros3DEasy
3Control points transformationRhinoCeros3DEasy
4Modify SweepComplexEasyJewels3DMedium

Working with sweeps has never been as simple as now. Using the possibilities of changes to the SweepComplex you can get many simple shapes, all of which follow the construction story!

Video Tutorial