EasyJewels3D – Software License Agreement

This License Agreement does not transfer the property of EasyJewels3D (hereinafter “software”) of which “Caronte Project snc di Guzzo Gianfranco e Perugini Aurelio (hereinafter “the company” is and remain the owner.

The Company, owner of the original version of the Software, grants to the Licensee, upon payment and non exclusive license or a non trasferable right to use the Software and documentation media provided under this Agreement to provided that the Licensee to the terms below.

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  1. Definition and conditions of use

The Software includes the program and related files supplied with this Agreement and the programs and related files distributed through Internet and other services.

Use of this Software requires prior installation of Rhinoceros 5, the latter being a plugin.

The launch of the Software requires the use of internet, as well as some features and videos illustrative use of the Software.

Some features of the Software requires the installation of other Plugins in accordance with the characteristics of the product as described on the website

The Software is intended for professional use in the sector of jewelery design for commercial purposes and related to their professional or business activity.

Licensee expressly acknowledges however that the indication in the purchase of VAT number automatically qualifies him as a professional and therefore will not be considered consumer for purposes of this Agreement.

Use of the Software also serves as consent to the collection of certain information about your computer during the ordering, registration, activation, updating, authentication, auditing, monitoring, installation of the product.

2) Property Right

The property, copyright and other intellectual property rights in the Software, the trademark and related documents belong to the Company.

Licensee is not granted any right to copy, reproduce, modify, or transfer the Software.

Are excluded from the right of property the products of third parties that may be included in the Software and the Company is no responsible for, and no warranty for these products and for the use of the same

3) Validity of the license

Thie Agreement confers to the Licensee only the right to use the features included in the version of the Software obtained with the license

4) Terms and Conditions

Licensee is authorized to use the Software on one computer per license.

Licensee may freely use the software on multiple computers or workstations only if they hold a license USB Portable.

Use single PC license is bound to Licensee buyer.

Transportable USB License is bound to Licensee buyer. The right of use is limited to the Licensee and its employees and the Licensee shall be responsible for compliance with this Agreement use and activities of its staff.

Licensee may make one backup copy of the Software. The copy must be returned to the Company in the event of termination or replacement and refund within the limits of the limited warranty provided for in this Agreement.

5) Restrictions and Exclusions

Not recognized any license under this Agreement and is escluded all right if the following operations are performed below expressly, by implication or otherwise prohibited:

a) The copy of the Software, or a backup copy of the Software cannot be used on multiple computers simultaneously, on a network, the Internet or other computers through other distribution systems

b) You cannot run the Software reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the Software.

c) The rights to the Software may not be transferred, assigned, lent, leased or licensed to third parties for any reason, regardless of the conclusion or termination of this Agreement.

6) Duration and Termination of Agreement

This license means granted for an unlimited period, unless revoked by the Company, without prior notice, if the Licensee fails to comply with the terms of this Agreement or in violation of property rights, copyright or other intellectual property rights of the Company.

The Company reserves the right to terminate the Agreement without notice in the event of insolvency or bankruptcy proceedings, liquidation or arrangement with creditors of the Licensee.

This Agreement will be terminated automatically when you cease to use the Software.

In the case that the present Agreement is resolved, the Licensee must uninstall the Software and permanently remove the license file on the PC. The Company reserves the right to require a signed declaration attesting the removal and the elimination of the license file

7) Warranty

a) Limited Warranty

The Company warrants that the Software is free from defects and comply with the specifications stated, if the Licensee to comply with instructions and limitations specified in the technical and commercial documentation of the Software, in accordance with its intended purpose and in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.

b) Warranty period, beneficary of warranty, duration of implied warranties

The limited warranty period of 90 days from the date on which the Software has been purchased by the Licensee. If Licensee receive supplements, up dates or replacement software during the warranty, they will be covered for the remaining period of the warranty or 30 days wichever is longer.

To the estent permitted by law, any implied warranties or conditions will be valid for the period of validity of the limited warranty

Not affect the guarantee provisions of the law may be applicable

c) Warranty Exclusions

This warranty does not apply to demages or diseases arising from negligence of the Licensee or third parties, or events beyond the reasonable control of the Company.

The Company does not warrant that the functions offered by the Software satisfies the needs of the Licensee. Therefore, the entire responsability on the efficiency and the results related to the use or non-use of the Software, or use the same on unsuitable equipment, is assumed by the Licensee who will control the operation of the Software.

Licensee must check with the usual methods of verification the correctness of any measurement made within the Software.

All illustrations, videos and the representations available on the site or communicated by the Company shall be construed as having merely an illustration of the Software and do not represent in any way a statement of compliance by the Company of the same software.

d) Obligations in the event of activation of Warranty

The Company will repair or replace the Software at no additional cost.

If repair or replacement is not possible, the Company will refund the amount paid by the Licensee.

In case of replacement or refund, as a condition for replacement and refund, the Licensee is obliged to unistall the Software and permanently remove the license file on PC.

The Company reserves the right to require a signed declaration attesting to the removal and the cancellation of the license file.

The remedies outside the Warranty will be at the sole discretion of the Company.

e) Procedure for the Warranty

To obtain warranty service Licensee must have proof of purchase consisting of the sales receipt, attaching it to the complaint in writing of the defect or fault of non compliance, describing the effects and consequences, within the limitation period of 8 (eight) days the discovery or the date on which he should find out by registered letter to the Company at its address in Valenza, via Pajetta 22 or by mail at

f) Rights of the Consumer

This Warranty does not affect any consumer rights to Licensee by applicable law.

8) Changes and Updates

The Company reserves the right to make any changes it deems appropriate to indicate the terms and conditions for the grant of license updates and/or versions.

To upgrade or convert the Software, Licensee must first be licensed for the Software or eligible for the upgrade to the new version

9) Personal Data and Use of Information

Licensee acknowledges and agrees to provide, and the Company may obtain information and data relating to Licensee in relation to this Agreement as part of the activities ordering, registration, activation, updating, authentication, auditing, monitoring, installation of the Software.

Licensee with this Agreement allows the Company to maintain and, use, store and disclose such information.

Licensee shall not send sensitive data own or third parties and is responsible for the content of any contribution or message sent on the site.

10) Jurisdiction

For any dispute arising from the interpretation or execution of this Agreement will be exclusively settled by the Court of Alessandria (Italy)