Planar Section Mirrored

Curva base per sezione

General Details

Creating a curve to use as a section in a subsequent project.

The curve is made with the command to create mirror curves. The particularity is given by the fact that once you get the curve you can manipulate it without problems with the Rhino gumball setting it “to object”.

  • Type: Basic Forms
  • Difficulty: Simple
  • Variations: Yes
  • Time: 1 min
Technical Informations

The tools used to create this section are listed below:

#Strumento o comandoProvenienzaDifficoltà
1Create Mirror CurveEasyJewels3DEasy
2Rhino GumballRhinoCerosEasy

Optionally you can use the Osnap or the Smart Track function to regularize the points of the curve while you are creating it.

Video Tutorial