“Infinity” Ring

Simple ring composed by one wedding band and an infinity-shaped element.

General Details

Perfect modeling example to begin to understand the potential of extensive use of EasyJewels3D’s construction history.

After creating this ring, the user can easily manipulate the forms to get countless variations on the subject.

  • Type: Fantasy ring
  • Difficulty: Simple
  • Variants: Yes
  • Time: 10 mins
Technical Informations

Below are the list of tools used to create this ring:

#Strumento o comandoProvenienzaDifficoltà
2Create CircleRhinoCeros3DEasy
4Curve From Control PointsRhinoCeros3DEasy
5Rhino GumballRhinoCeros3DEasy

Useful to learn how to draw the infinite curve using the Osnap, how to use the Rhino gumball to move control points, and get familiar with the EasyJewels SweepComplex.

Video Tutorial