This command allows the creation of hinged joints, follow the video for explanations.

Groumette Chain

This command allows to create a groumette chain along a base curve.
You can set lenght dimension and thickness of the chain link.

Belcher Chain

This command allows to create a chain along a base curve.
You can set lenght, height, thickness and rotation angle of the chain link.

Create Neck

This command allows to create a standard neck.

Two Surface will be created: the planar one corresponds in dimensions to the 3d one, representing the neck.

On the planar Surface you can put items.

Using Rhinoceros History and “Flow Along Surface” command you can put a copy of them on the neck.

At this point you can easily edit items on plane and  they will change in 3d space.


Complex Series

Create subdivisions of curves suitable for inserting objects to facilitate stone setting.

By simply selecting a curve and a polysurface or a mesh, you can obtain series of elements quickly and accurately.

The insertable elements can be taken from our library or simply can be any object placed at the center of the axes of the world.