This command allows to :

  1. take screenshots of wath you can see under the window.
  2. import images, positioning,editing and fixing them into the scrrenshot.
  3. add some text dots, where you can write your desciptions
  4. add some dotted lines and colored circles to underline some details
  5. insert report title
  6. insert some text in the right column.In this column you can find what you have in your rhinoceros notes too.
  7. export this report as image file or xml file.
  8. import a xml-report
  9. edit your xml-report, only by importing them into a new report.
  10. change colours and fonts to texts and to delete report details by clicking with mouse right button on them.

Scan Images

This command allows to import one image by using a “wia type ” scan ( soon it will be possible with any type).

You can select scan and set some preferences as resolution . The default value of resolution is 300 because we think it is the right compromise between quality and speed of importation.

Imported image will be 1:1 format, it means real size , to the origin of the construction plan of the selected view.

We recommend using the preview as scanning automatically positions the frame for cropping of the image atthat which is detected by the scannerAnyway moving the vertices of the bounding box you can change thecrop at will.

Metal Weight

This command allows to:

1) calculate the weight of one or more solids , using the specific gravity of some of the most used metals in jewellery:GOLD, PLATINUM, PALLADIIUM, SILVER.

2) have an estimate based on the metal real time quotation you can visualize on a graphic.The quotation may be in different currencies (euro ,dollars, yen etc) and data update every 8 ours.

3)In case of open objects a warning message will appear into the command form.

There are three options to visualize those objectsi:

  • you can let them selected
  • you can give them a colour
  • you can have a wireframe view with a preview visualization of them

If the command gives you weight data for opened objects, pay attention to approximation.

Colors Tab

This command allows to visualize and edit the colours assigned to round stones in millimeters,  corresponing to one of four tabs.

You can edit tabs colurs:

  • ONE BY ONE clicking on a dimension . It will open a colour picker to select the colour.
  • ALL TOGHETER clicking on  “random”  .It will change randomly all brill buttons colours.
  • ALL TOGHETER shading all coloursi.
    • Click on the rectangle bottom left and selct a colour
    • Click on the rectangle bottom right and selct a colour
    • Click on the middle of the colored bar bottom and all colours will be nuanced between the two colours of the rectangles.
    • N.B. If you want all brilliants tab to have the same colour you can shade between two identical colours

N.B. To activate any change you need to click on  “write tab” button . To come back to default values you need to use Preference command and to reset values.


This command allows to set user preferences.

You can choose:

  1. Language
  2. to visualize warning messageboxes while executing command
  3. to reset default values
  4. to receive manual or automatic update
  5. to manually update easyjewels3d
  6. to update only .ini files
  7. change shortcuts

Importa ejo

This commad allows you to import .ejo extension files


This command allows to import an image that was taken with  PootPrintSheet method  with 1:1 format, it means real object size. The image is cut and positioned to the selected rhinoceros view plane origin .

If there are some problems with image, the command will ask you 3 points to set the real size

You must have used PootPrintSheet when taking the photo , otherwise image will be imported without any logics

Download PootPrintSheets PDF file

Gems Details

This command is for stones mesurement and weight.

You can select:

  1. SPHERES, in the selection only spheres will be consdered
  2. CIRCLES, in the selection only circles will be consdered
  3. STONES, in the selection only stones will be consdered
  4. GENERIC SELECTION , in the selection only spheres, circles or stones will be considered

We think to let you analize circles and spheres too because some users, expecially in the beginning of their professional adventure, are used to choose these kind of objects.

This command can obviously work with custom”easy stones” too, that can be  created with the corresponding command.


Linked Objects Details

Visualizza i dettagli dell’oggetto di appoggio di un oggetto EasyJewels3D,

Plains on Stone girdle or table

Create planes on girdle or table of stones and gems.

User stone tab

This command allows to give 10 brilliant shaped buttons a customizable value in millimitersi.

While changing the diameter size, the corrisponding sieve size and carat weight will be automatically displayed.

N.B. These are the 10 brill buttons that you can use with the “Insert round stones” command, setting the slider on your right to the last position.

The result is that the user can immediately have the 10 most used sizes at his disposal.

Export user prong or stone

This command allows you to export format .ejo an user object.

With the left mouse button you can export a stonewith the right one you can export a prong

Objects to export only need to be solid and have at least one flat surface.

To export properly an object it is good that the orienting object face is the higher. To understand how toexport properly an object here’s a videoFurther information will soon be available training courses.